Goodman Beaver (Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder) - Kitchen Sink Press - 1984 - 159 pages (with introduction by David Schreiner)

Four of the six episodes of young Mr. Beaver are reprinted in this book.  The art is reproduced mostly in full-page format with art added to some of the panels.  The first episode ("Organization Man in the Grey Flannel Executive Suite") was printed in Kurtzman's paperback original, Jungle Book.  It was probably not included here because the art does not approach that of Elder.  The other missing episode is "Goodman Goes Playboy" that was withheld because of the ongoing legal wranglings with those humorless suits at Archie Comics.  The Playboy/Archie parody is probably the best of the six episodes.  Every fan of Kurtzman & Elder should have this book in their collection and they should also have a copy of "Goodman Goes Playboy" to go with it.  If you send a large-size to SASE to P.O. Box 66, Artesia, CA 90702, a friendly art collector might send you a copy.

Goodman morphed into Little Annie Fanny where he thrived in Playboy magazine from 1962 to 1988. [JAM 5/22/2011]