Giant of the Senate (Al Franken) - Twelve Books - 2017 - 406 pages

The country lost one of its best humor/political writers when Franken ran for the Senate seat in Minnesota in 2008.  But, with his first book since 2005, Senator Al is back in the publishing business without losing a step.  This book is an autobiography and political lesson in one volume.  The Franken humor is in evidence with some restraint taken regarding language and Senatorial correctness.  There is no doubt that Franken was a Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016 and he makes no apologies for his endorsement.  The whole country "should" know by now that Candidate Clinton was far superior in character and experience to the disaster (Donald Trump) who now sits in the White House.  For all who share that belief, this book will help the healing process caused by an election probably stolen by Russian hackers who had thinly-disguised cheerleaders within the Republican party.  When history books are written of this era, I believe that Al Franken will truly receive high marks for his integrity and work ethic.  Indeed, he is a patriot and a "Giant of the Senate."  [JAM 6/11/2017]

"As a shattered Democratic Party searches for new leadership, Senator Al Franken has written exactly the kind of thoughtful, bracing book that makes people say: 'Al Franken is running for president in 2020.'  He insists that he is not ... but (his book) is enough to make you wish he'd change his mind.  Calling various progressive politicians 'the Anti-Trump' is becoming a cliche, but there's no one who matches the description better than Franken: television star vs. television star, renowned comedian vs. renowned clown.  His new book tracks the way he has worked to suppress his comic side and earn stature and respect as a U.S. senator, and it highlights the way that Trump has resolutely and dangerously refused to do the same.  Also, the book is hilarious.  [Joan Walsh The Nation June 19/26, 2017]