Forbes (Nicholas N. Spooner) - Harvard Lampoon - 1989 - 86 pages

There are a lot of Donald Trump jokes in this parody from 1989.  And now, the joke's on us.  Trump's latest project ("Trump City") is the subject of a two-page article with map showing his answer to what New York City really needs: a pyramid-shaped compound with a ten-foot statue of Elizabeth Taylor.  Trump is also listed in "The Forbes Four Hundred" under "Billionaires" in the fourth spot after Uncle Pennybags (from the Monopoly game), Sam Moore Walton and Leonard Stern.  His net worth is unknown and his listing is very short: "Something to do with real estate.  NYC.  About 40.  Buys buildings, names them after himself."  Harvard Lampoon exposed Forbes Magazine to be much ado about nothing.  But, we already knew that, didn't we?  The timing of this particular humor publication is quite odd.  The "Chairman and Editor-in-Chief" of the family business, Malcolm S. Forbes had just celebrated his 70th birthday as noted on page 8.  The "... party in Morocco was the most spectacular and commented upon social event of 1989."  Either the party or this parody was too much for dear Malcolm; he had a heart attack and died on February 24, 1990.  The Lampoon staff had much fun with this one but it was really an easy target.  [JAM 5/15/2017]

Front Cover: Various Multi-millionaires ("The Richest, Best People in America") climbing the page
3  Index
4  Side Lines by "Forbes Madox Forbes" (editorial)
6  Readers Say (letters)
8  Follow-Through
10 Forbes Informer by "J. Valachi"
13 Fact and Comment by "Malcolm S. Forbes"
15 Reviews
16 Other Comments; Monkey cartoons by D.G. Fossey, William Mirsky, V. Conover and L.H. MacMillan
19 Fact and Comment II by "M.S. Forbes Jr." (Steve)
21 Commentary on Events at Home and Abroad by Caspar W. Weinberger (not really)
23 Miracle at Reilly Foods by "Ken Sultant"
24 Tune in, turn on, drop three-eighths by "Guthrie Forbes"
26 Trump City by "Phil Thyrich"
29 Toying with young minds by "Dan Gerous"
32 The Forbes Four Hundred: An Introduction by "Ava Ridgejoe"
68 Dropouts: Who left the list?
70 Epiphanies by Jeremiah Forbes
72 Required Reading
74 Personal Affairs: So you're planning a trip to Europe? by "Worrell D. Pass"
75 Personal Affairs: Daisy, Daisy, give me your signature true by "Sy Gnhere"
76 Personal Affairs: Toast of the Town by "Caspar Milque"
78 Careers: G. Gordon Liddy by "X. Conn"
80 Faces Behind the Figures
82 The Contrarian by Andy Rooney (not really)
83 Stock Trends by "Ann C. Brown"
84 Streetwalker by "Travis Bickle"
85 Flashbacks by "Suzy"
86 Thoughts on the Business of Life
Inside Back Cover - Letter from Malcolm Forbes: "Dear Harvard Lampoon Editors: Once again you've demonstrated the value of a Princeton education!"
Back Cover - Isuzu Trooper (real ad)