The Flush (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

The front page finds our hero being stopped by a motorcycle cop for exceeding the posted speed limit.

Page 2 - The Flush, in his secret identity, is passed on the sidewalk by The Whizz (unseen) who just stole a woman's purse containing 75 cents and some wax lips.

Page 3 - The Flush quickly removes his civilian clothes in order to chase the culprit.  His quick change causes an onlooker to lose his glasses, false teeth and toupee.

Page 4 - The Flush is running right into an open manhole occupied by a beast while King Kong battles biplanes in the background.  Will Elder's "Mole" is breaking through the road from below while a snail and a turtle are seen moving as fast as The Flush.

Page 5 - As a dog passes him, The Flush steals a banana from a fruit stand that also sell pears for ten cents and "singles" for five cents.

Page 6 - The Flush throws out the banana peel to stop The Whizz but then realizes that he cannot outrun this foe.  Boy in background has empty leash and finger in nose.

Page 7 - The identity of The Whizz is revealed as The Roadrunner who is also being pursued by Wile E. Coyote with bib around his neck and knife & fork in hands.  The Flush is now wearing a "Royal Flush" crown.

Page 8 - Back page is an ad parody for "Famous Con Artists."  The ad promises to teach one to draw six-guns quickly as shown by "Norman 'Quickdraw' Inkwell" who has several bullet holes in his cowboy hat.