Fantastic Fictioneers: A History of the Incredible (Pete Von Sholly) - PS Publishing Ltd. - 2019 - 778 pages in two volumes

These books are elegant works of art by author Von Sholly.  The two volumes are published on quality paper with excellent graphics throughout.  The "History" covers 120 short biographies of 120 individuals and teams with a one-page intro and original drawing by the author for each.  This is a very personal account that concentrates on the artists who had the most influence on the author.  My copies of the books were mailed directly from the author's home address.  Although the volumes include the creators of comic art, the primary focus is on the creators of monsters and horrific effects.  Certainly, everyone will have personal favorites who are not included here.  There is much room for Volume III and beyond.  I would like to see more syfy authors like Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven and Philip Jose Farmer recognized.  And, I wonder why someone like Clive Barker would be included with Walt Disney and Carl Barks.  But, this is his book not mine.  Histories are always incomplete in some way.  I learned a lot that I did not know about "History of the Incredible."  [JAM 12/29/2019]