Fangsquire (Jim Thomas) - Occidental College Fang - Fall 1950 - 30 pages

This is the worst college parody of Esquire magazine I have ever seen.  The cover shows Esky reading Fang in a Christmas scene dominated by a large, shapely female elf.  Other than a few advertisement parodies on the inside, the remainder of the short publication is just a typical 1950s campus humor magazine (i.e. bad) with misogynistic jokes and nonsensical poetry.  The inside front cover ad parody ("Piana Tooth Paste") is just a real ad from another magazine with crude, black-marker alterations.  The result ("Keep your Whole Mouth Holesome!") is unfunny and unreadable.  It is strange but somewhat nostalgic to read a post-war publication littered with references to Communism, nuclear war and subjects that are not "women's world".  To read this awful magazine is to realize how far literacy and human kindness have advanced in 66 years.  [JAM 10/23/2016]

Front Cover - Esky celebrating Christmas (drawing by Sylvia Kacewicz)
Inside Front Cover - Piana Tooth Paste (ad parody)
3 - Satin Soft Cat Scratching Post (ad parody)
4 - Roll Top Desk (editorial); "Vat 69 Buttermilk" (ad parody)
5 - Index
6 - Backstage with Fangsquire (contributors)
7 - Ladenform Bra (ad parody)
8 - Ski-Icide (John Koriagen); Dorm Cartoon (Bob Hansen)
9 - Harem Cartoon (Chuck Wilson)
10 - Campus Cutie (poetry by Guy Steiner)
11 - Gone With The Wind (Tully Brown)
12 - Ensenada Race (pictorial by Beckner)
13 - Fore Sail (Jim Gruber)
14 - I Hate Women (Greg Radosevich); Fraternity Cartoon (Bob Hansen)
15 - Our Fang Queen (pictorial by George Axt)
16 - Our Faculty: Pin-Up Series
17 - Poem and drawing of young woman
18 - To Those in A-1 Class (Milton "Mutha" Merle)
19 - New Dorf "Flushdrive" (back-seat toilet automobile ad parody)
20 - Men of Affairs (fashion)
21 - Women ... Their Attire (fashion)
23 - Fraternities (drawings by Don Crylie)
24 - Craig's L.A. or Cross the Town (poetry, drawings and places by Ellie Craig)
26 - A Freshman Looks at Hazing by Tully Brown; A Sophomore Looks at Hazing by Corky Aiken; Alma Mater by Norma Sturgeon (poetry); "Ponds" (ad parody)
27 - Exploding Head Cartoon
28 - They All Read Fang (drawings); Jokes
29 - Frosh Deodorant Bath Soap (ad parody)
30 - Parking and Classroom cartoons (Don Crylie)
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)