Fall, or Dodge in Hell (Neal Stephenson) - William Morrow - 2019 - 883 pages

Author Stephenson has delivered an intelligent and plausible fantasy world that makes the creations of Tolkien and Martin pale by comparison.  Wealthy gaming magnate, Dodge accidenttally signs up for cryogenic preservation and soon finds his being in a new world where he gets to make everything.  Then, many of his friends join him and proceed to make things better and better.  However, his arch enemy, forever angry because his parents named him Elmo, comes into Dodge's world and tries to steal the whole place.  This fantasy world is composed of human-type people, animals who talk, invisible spirits and inanimate objects that become animate when needed.  There are no motorized vehicles here but sometimes a friendly hill will give you a ride.  Read this book.  It is like none you will find anywhere. [JAM 6/30/2019]