Esquirk (Peter Jacobi) - Northwestern University Profile - February 1952 - 32 pages

The writers did not put much effort into the articles for this "Profile" parody of Esquire magazine.  None of the stories make any sense.  However, the artwork is very good throughout.  The following are listed as art editors: Mickey McCammon, Henry Schult, Edie Stafford, Robert Heady, Lynn Krywick, Camille Jarzembski and Suzan Griffin.  Unlike most of the post-war college humor publications, the staff of the Northwestern magazine is dominated by female contributors including five of the six assistant editors.  There is one full-page advertisement parody for "V.I. Talis" (cocktail mix) that appears on page one opposite an actual ad for Maurice L. Rothschild & Co that apparently sells very expensive dacron slacks ($18.95 per pair in 1952).  The cover drawing by Heady shows Eskie the painter making a stick-figure drawing of an attractive young model.  The joke is: he cannot paint but he likes what he sees.  Considering the available writing talent, it is probably well that this parody was kept to 32 pages.  It is mostly downhill after the title.  [JAM 3/12/2015]

Front Cover - Eskie is painting an upside-down woman (painting by Bob Heady)
1  V.I. Talis (ad parody)
3  Index: Next Month in Esquirk
4  Backstage with Eskie
6  The Sound and the Fury (letters)
8  Going Places with Esquirk
11 Boy Joe by Rosemarie Knuti (drawings by Skoimund)
12 Torment by Don Kosin (drawing by Henry Schult)
14 Harem cartoon by E. Suis Camel
15 TV Tempest by Howard Durin (drawings by Huff)
16 She Never Told by Connie Gerlach (drawing by Micki)
18 Room for One by Ilene Rubens
19 Ski to My Heart by Lloyd Gerlach
20 Chicago: Convention Capital by Robert Nelson (drawing by Micki)
22 Dolled up for March (painting by Henry Schult
23 The Unfinished Kiss by Al Balk
24 Partying at the Lady's Invitation
26 Worms Suzettes by Roy Alexander
31 Talking Shop with Esquirk
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)