Esqueer (Charles L. Beisch) - Syracuse Syracusan - April 1955 - 32 pages

As college magazine parodies go, this one is rather tame.  The premise is "The Magazine for Women" as if Esquire was written for women.  However, it really does not work very well since most of the writers are clueless men.  Opportunities for parody jokes are mostly wasted.  Some of the articles (such as "Drink" by William Henry Van Herpe) are extremely mean-spirited and not possibly appealing to women.  The only clever humor to be found is "Talking Shop with Esqueer" that was shoved to the end of the magazine.  This shopping guide offers innovative items such as the "Look-out" - a gadget "for the new modern homes, this bibular drycor will not only repair and mend your old, worn out crevison, but will boost the voltage power, and lessen the depreciation value of the stipguard." [pure nonsense]  The centerfold of the issue is Marlon Brando with text written by "Your Ma".  Esqueer looks good but falls short of the humorous content found in other college parody magazines of the 1950s.  [JAM 8/15/2015]

Front cover - bust of a woman by Editor Beisch
1  Contents
2  The Sound and the Fury (letters)
5  Sex Goes to College by Anthony Ardello
6  Coat cartoon by Barrett
7  Peace Machine by James R. Curran
8  Schleppes Quinine Water (ad parody)
9  Abreast of the Times by Roger J. Herz
10 The Womanly Art of Drinking by Luchs Kalcheim [Contents page reads "Womanly Art of Thinking"]
12 Of Mice and Women by "Joan Steinbeck"  (by Luchs Kalcheim)
13 Harem cartoon (uncredited)
14 Brando is My Brand by Percy James (with centerfold)
17 Functional Fabrics by Susan Snider
19 Woman of the Month - Polly Sadler
20 How to Survive in a Department Store by Carole A. Leib
21 Forever cartoon by "Dedooni Aifon"
22 Drink by William Henry Van Herpe
23 Foreheads by Percy James and Josephine Hofstadter (aka "Percy Frank")
24 Don E Mobile - "Esqueer's Beef Cake" (men & poetry) by Luchs Kalcheim
26 Book Briefs
27 Interiors (Bachelor-Gal Apartment) (drawing and text by Carol Webster)
30 Talking Shop with Esqueer
Back cover - Winston cigarettes (real ad)