Esqueer (Sam Vaughan) - Penn State Froth - March 1951 - 52 pages

This parody of Esquire starts slowly with tiny type and wordy articles but then gets much better after the main articles.  The big joke here is the "continuing" stories from other places.  There are nine of these continuing stories starting on page 28 with "The Masher (continued from Grim Ferry Tales").  Others are "Taken for a Ride (continued from 'Sporty Detective')", "Old Bill Swims the Atlantic (continued from The New York Times)", "Nightmare (continued from the Great Beyond)", "Belly Up (continued from the Koran)", "The Isle of Glug-Glug (continued from 'The Saturday Evening Most')" [the 1950 Penn State Froth magazine parody], "Gal (continued from Who's in the News)", "Club 21 (continued from hunger)" [consisting of 24 fly-in-my-soup jokes], and "(continued from nowhere)".  All nine of these "continued" stories have no beginning to be found.  In addition, the back half of the magazine is flooded with advertisement parodies for various items including Joe McCarthy's red herrings, monocles, Garfunkle's Elixir, Third Sex Clothing, Four Noses Distilling, Louse B. Hershey fortunes ("mail your palm in today"), and plastic surgery ("mail to United Nations").  The best Froth jokes are in the fine print.  [JAM 8/18/2015]

Front cover - Esqy teaching the Froth agenda
1  Canal No. 5 (ad parody)
3  Contents; Next Month in Esqueer (Idiotorial staff includes Dean Acheson, Sophocles P. Plato, Esther Williams, Harry S. Truman and Harry S. Falsewoman)
4  The Sound and the Fury (letters)
6  Backstage with Esqueer
8  Going Places with Esqueer
11 Fertility Can Be Fun by Dr. Christian Vaughan
12 Belching Guns by Mugwumps G. (Zane) Weiner
14 Harem cartoon (artist name is truncated)
15 The Passing of Laura by John Steinbonn; smoking cartoon by Jerry Hoff
16 There Was a Man: Bob Davis (and/or Harry Kondourajian) by Erick John-son (painting by Stahl MacIntire)
20 You Can't Have Everything (painting of Jane Russell by Naylor Moore)
21 Mike Fiske Fights Back by P. Gallico Whelan
22 Mr. L Esq.
26 Art Galleries: Paris, Spring, 1951
28 The Masher (continued); Hamaton (ad parody - drawing by Wertz)
29 Sam Heusen (ad parody)
30 Taken for a Ride (continued)
32 Old Bill Swims the Atlantic (continued)
34 Nightmare (continued); Robber cartoon by Cantwell Keller
36 Belly Up (continued); Lyre Twanging Course, Helicopter Shoe Co., Joe McCarthy's red herrings (ad parodies)
37 Yedinsky protection agency, Bernarr MacFangtooth, Harvard cigars (ad parodies)
38 Vacation Already
39 Young Progressives of America (ad parody)
40 The Isle of Glug-Glug (continued)
41 Gal (continued)
42 Club 21 (continued); Monocles, Garfunkle's Elixir, Elizabeth Ardent (ad parodies)
43 Baby cartoon by Hoff Kinnaird Chapman
44 Third Sex Clothing Co. (ad parody)
46 (continued from nowhere)
47 Talking Slop with Esqueer; Four Noses Distilling Corp., Coloumbia Writer's Institute, CDAPANAGAPI, "Chuckles" Truman, Sterling Starbuck, Louse B. Hershey (ad parodies)
48 Acme Face Rebuilding Aides (ad parody)
52 Editorial Statement
Back Cover - Camel cigarettes (real ad)