Entertainment Weekly (John Aboud, Robert Carlock & Ron Weiner) - Harvard Lampoon - Fall/Winter 1994 - 80 pages

This parody is somewhat uneven and has numerous typographical errors.  In spite of that, there is quite a bit of good writing and humor regarding the entertainment industry.  Several of the articles devolve into nonsense and non sequitur as writers start describing common items in great detail.  Sandra Bullock was good sport for the cover photo ("Speed 2: Big Wheel") and a feature story ("A Method to Her Madness").  The story that follows ("For Jim [Carrey] the Bell Tolls") is equally as good.  The publisher promises that "Herve Villechaize ... will not be appearing in this magazine."  But then, breaks that promise over and over again.  I have to agree with many of "20 Hollywood's Biggest Flops" - "1. Heaven's Gate; 2. Howard the Duck; 3. Milli Vanilli; 4. Ishtar; etc. [mostly jokes for 5-20].  The magazine is slick and well-produced except for misspellings.  Where else will you read a quote from Steven Hawking about Jim Carrey? - "In the realm of possible events, there are a set of events whose probability is so incalculably low as to be considered nil.  However, over time, the probability that one of these will occur becomes significant.  Thus, Jim Carrey"  [JAM 5/22/2017]

Front Cover - Sandra Bullock
2  Publisher's Letter: Welcome to the Future by Elmer W. Green
4  Index; "leaving clothes in their bags"
6  Mail; list of contributors
10 News & Notes: Ness Than Zero by John Grimes
12 Jim Mullen's Hot Sheet; Dream Park by "Candy Ass"
14 Baby Boomers by "Cohen Chang"
16 Flashes by "Jimmy Mallard", "Jimmy Budnitz," "Jimmy Olsen," "Jimmy Mudrock" and "Howard Weiner
18 Live: Ready, Set, Go by Christopher Bailey
20 Britannia: Right Anglo by Adam Lahyne
22 Sandra Bullock: A Method to Her Madness by Miria Avinery
24 Hollywood's 20 Biggest Flops
28 For Jim the Bell Tolls by Billy Mask
34 Grimace: He's Big, He's Purple, He's Back by Anthony Granaldi
42 Pretty Funny: Female Comedians by Brian Holland
46 Movies: $64,000 Quiz Show by Edmund Wheelwright
47 Vamp-Ire
50 Simply Monstrous by "S. Haus Maus"
52 The Week
54 Television: One Way to Skin a Pig by Ralph Curtis
55 Video Unglued; Weather or Not
56 Routine Martin-ance; By the Book
58 The Week
59 Schoolhouse Shock
60 Books: Reinventing the Neil by William Otis
61 Al Right; Grisham Really Satisfies
62 The Week
63 Hooker, Line, and Sinker
64 Music: Oompah-pah-Paul by Edward Martin
65 The Eagles Have Landed; Wilbury Unburied
66 The Week
67 Album a Quarter Off Ya
68 Multimedia: Reality Bytes by Samuel Sherwood
69 Seedy ROM; Gorillas I Like in Virtual Reality
70 Welcome to Mel T. Media Adventure Page!
72 Video: Restoration Comedy by "Arthur Murray"
73 Double Edged Blade; American Chopsocky: Woo Are You?
74 Moose Interpretation; The Ghost Is Clear
76 The Week
77 Top Videos: Catastrophe Theory
78 Kids: Kids in the Fall by John Tyler; Downtown Charlie Brown
79 An Interview with Jacquo: The Kids Are All Right
80 Encore: 'High Noonan' for America by Edmund Wheelwright
Back Cover - Bacardi (real ad)