Mad #368 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Entertain Me Weakly Issue - April 1998

Number 368 contains the classic magazine parody that reminds me of a Harvard Lampoon production.  Newcomer Scott Brooks made a big impression with his 12-page effort.  How can he top that one? [MADlog #11 - July 1998]

Front Cover - Jim Carrey's moon
Inside Front Cover - Visa ad parody [Abigail Burns is a college graduate in debt,]
1  Letters - Readers complain about lovable Michael J. Fox and the lack of "Friends" articles.  They want more about the Oscars and summer blockbusters but really love Mel Gibson and Uma Thurman.  The editor apologizes for misidentifying Tori Spelling as Mr. Ed.  The editor of stylized caricature caption puns is Sum Wut A. Myoo-Zing.  The pun staff has nine assistant pun coordinators.  [Take time to read all of the credits.]
2  News - Try-Star is remaking Road to Zanzibar with Pauley Shore, Carrot Top and Jim Varney.
4  Columnist Jim Moron's "HOT Sh*t" lists 15 losers including The Spice Girls, Ellen DeGeneres and himself [Great "big chin" drawing of Jay Leno].  Cybersquawk quotes Dennis Franz, Tina Yothers and Richard Gere.
5  Flashers - Reporters drop names and little else [Great dice-earring drawing of Polly Holliday].  John Travolta gains weight.  Useless statistics fill the "figure it out" column.
6  Monotone - Kathie Lee Gifford, Martha Stewart and George Kennedy are annoying.  Ed Asner is hairy.  Joshua Lahtay gets a parking ticket.  Terrific parody within parody is "Even Unfunnier EW Spoofs".  Five magazine covers feature: prisoners (Arraignment WEEKLY), Bill Gates (Entertainment GEEKLY), Jodie Foster (Entertainment HINCKLEY), an ex-girlfriend (Disappointment FEEBLY), and munchkins (Entertainment FREAKLY).
7  Mammals - Whale and dog disagree on the set of Willie 4.  Article uses quotes from nonexistent people.
8  Movies - Owen and Lisa review five dirigible movies which have plots similar to Titanic/Twister, Jurassic Park, The Love Bug, Reality Bites and Airplane/Naked Gun.
9  Television - "Ally McWhine" is not recommended for men.  Cosby turns into Mr. Rogers.  Tea Leoni loses teeth.  The Scooby Channel (Cartoon Network) offers four more hours of recycled stories.  Rosie O'Donnell interviews a box of fudge.  Other talk show hosts interview Tony Randall et al.  Deceased Lucille Ball returns to television in "Where's Lucy?".  "USA Network" (ad parody) - the latest sitcom is about mall security; there is a shortage of obese comedians; the top-rated TV show is "The World's Scariest Police Women"; movies of the week were "Bring Back My Baby!" and "Bring Back My Baby's Stroller, Too!"
10 Books - The book of the week is a how-to about getting Oprah to plug your book.  Tamagotchi meets Rubik's Cube.  The featured coffee-table book is "35 Years of Plastic Margarine Tubs".  Dilbert dominates the top spot for the second week in a row.  John Grisham and Stephen King just write too many books.
Inside Back Cover - "STUDIO SHILL STORE" (ad parody) - Where else can you get a t-shirt from the Entertain me Weakly Company Picnic?
Back Cover - "JUST ADD BACARDI" (ad parody) - Rum impairs one's ability to operate a motor vehicle.