Dook (Art Steuer) - Duke 'N' Duchess - November 19, 1949 - 28 pages [counting cover as two pages; there are no pages 21-22.]

This is a difficult parody of Look magazine (by the Duke University humor publication) to read but, fortunately, it is very short.  The issue is mainly targeted at their rival football team, University of North Carolina.  There is one article about the "Big Game" and another about the keeper of the UNC mascot (Bushy Cook and Rameses VI).  Apparently, the funniest thing about college life in 1949 is that someone might have a crazy last name like "Humperdink."  Hilarious!  This was the tenth year of Duke 'N' Duchess.  Some records show that a "Dook" parody was also created in 1940 and 1941.  Perhaps they considered a "Dife" issue but that would have been just too wacky.  [JAM 12/23/2017]

Front Cover - Freshman Betty Craig
Inside Front Cover - Camels (real ad)
4  Letters and Pictures to the Editor
8  Dook Photoquiz by "Murgatroyd Q. Perdinkle"
10 "D and D" Staff
13 Dook Applauds ... (Tondeleo Schultz, Murgatroyd Q. Perdinkle, Montgomery G. Shleppkiss & Ameria A. Setts)
14 The Humperdink Myth by Art Steuer (drawing by Clarence Brown)
16 Big Game Week End
20 Bushy Cook at U.N.C. by Bob Jordan
26 Dook Photocrime by "Sherlock Humperdink"
28 A Word of Praise by the editor
Back Cover - "Always Buy Chesterfield" with testimonials by Barbara Stanwyck and Claud Pope ("Prominent tobacco farmer from Hillsboro, N. C.")