Dave Barry's Money Secrets (Dave Barry) - Crown Publishers - 2006 - 230 pages

This may be the best of all of the Dave Barry books and I am not making that up.  Among other things, Dave is really upset that Lyndon LaRouche has received some of our tax money for his presidential campaign.  I must agree with that.  Mr. Barry also explores every aspect of your financial life with lots of Donald Trump and Suze Orman jokes.  The chapter on "Managing Your Personal Finances" includes a helpful pie chart to show that 77% of your money goes for miscellaneous expenses.  The conclusion of his chapter on "Planning for Your Retirement" is that "maybe you'd be happier if you just kept working right on into old age."  Although some may scoff at his recommendations, who else would dare to compare the color of Donald Trump's hair to that of the world's largest Cheeto?  I have just scratched the surface here.  Some of Mr. Barry's comments can not be disputed.  For example, "Let's say you have a child in kindergarten now.  By the time that child enters college, at the rate things are going, he or she will have tattoos the size of doormats.  Also tuition will be really high." [JAM 7/23/2011]