Dave Barry Slept Here: A Short History of the United States (Dave Barry) - Random House - 1989 - 175 pages

I think he also slept during U.S. History classes.  Mr. Barry guides us through the events of mankind in North America from 20,000 BC to 1989 as only he can.  Along the way, he gets some of his facts wrong.  Make that most of the facts are wrong.  OK - don't believe a word he wrote but just remember that all of this could have happened in a parallel universe. [JAM 10/19/2010]

Here are just a few random examples from random pages 29, 47, 70, and 133.  (There are 171 more like this and don't skip the discussion questions):

29 "... on October 8 the French king, Louis the Somethingth, signed the treaty of Giving Away Canada ..."

47 "... the New York delegation, typically, wanted a loud president and a rude legislature ..."

70 "ATTENTION SELF-STARTERS!  Are you that special 'can-do' kind of guy or gal who's looking for a chance to work extremely hard under horrible conditions for your entire life without getting paid and being severely beaten whenever we feel like it, plus we get to keep your children?  To find out more about this exciting career opportunity, contact: The South."

133 "Because of scheduling problems, the fifties did not officially begin until 1952 ... in which both parties ... nominated bald men with silly names."