Daditude (Chris Erskine) - Prospect Park Books - 2018 - 192 pages

Chris Erskine wrote for the Los Angeles Times for 30 years before retiring in 2019.  This book is a collection of some of his Times columns relating to parenthood.  He writes about his family, his friend and mostly about the good times.  However, the last section of this book outline the struggles that his wife (Posh) had with cancer in 2017.  For years Erskine was a regular writer in various sections of the newspaper until the later years when his was relegated to the weekly Saturday section; and finally the column was changed to bi-weekly.  It was no surprise that he decided to take early retirement and transition to other media for his writings.  His column was the only part of the Saturday section that I read regularly.  The articles in this book represent the daily lives of a normal family living in 21st century Southern California.  Through their various trials, Erskine maintained a genuine optimism and an excellent sense of humor.  Sadly, the Erskine family lost their oldest son in a tragic auto accident in 2018 after the book had been sent to the publisher.  And then, to make their lives worse, Mrs. Erskine lost her battle with cancer in December 2018.  But, this book tells a story of love that transcends such tragedies.  [JAM 10/30/2020]