The Da Vinci Barcode (Judith P. Shoaf) - Scarith Books - 2006 - 288 pages

What is the point of this book?  Author Shoaf has written a well-researched story with a writing style that is much better than that of The Da Vinci Code author, Dan Brown.  In fact, the story is much more plausible than the original.  Although it is technically a parody, the book is devoid of the silliness or wackiness that we expect from modern parodies.  Be prepared for some detailed investigation of Christian lore.  The owner of the Louvre museum gift shop has been shot by a one-eyed ogre but, before he dies he manages to deliver some cryptic barcode clues to his twin granddaughters and a visiting professor of symbology.  These three set out to solve the mysteries of his death and some very complex barcode technology.  My guess is that this one will not be made into a major movie starring Tom Hanks. [JAM 12/19/2010]