Cosmopolitan Number (Norman Anthony) - Judge - May 19, 1928 - 32 pages

Theodor (Dr. Seuss) Geisel (1904-1991) was the star of this issue.  The Judge editors finally allowed him to illustrate his own articles and he quickly became their most popular artist.  Placed on the last page of this number, Geisel's parody of Rube Goldberg (1883-1970): "Laugh is Like That!" perfectly spoofed Goldberg with his "machine" illustration.  The same article contains a parody of a Goldberg political cartoon ("Spirit of Boloney").  Dr. Seuss also provided a cartoon in his signature style for the Judge subscription ad on the inside back cover ("Hand-Painted Charades").  This "Cosmopolitan Number" issue of Judge is one of their best with excellent writing and art throughout the body of the parody. [JAM 4/9/2021]

Front Cover: Painting of "Cosmo" woman (artist signature unreadable)
Inside Front Cover: (real ad for Ethyl Gasoline)
01 (real ad for Listerine)
02 Educational Directory
04 Tome-of-the-Month Club (ad parody)
05 New York Is a Hick Town! by O.O. Rubbertyre (drawing by James Trembath)
06 Age Cannot Wither Her, Nor Custom Stale Her infinite Variety (drawing by Charles Dana MacHamer)
08 Puppets of Passion by Adela St. Junk (drawing by James Trembath)
10 An Unknown Author Submits a Manuscript to the Cosmopolitan (drawing by Glucose Pillums)
11 My Favorite Short Story by Irvin S. Kobb (drawing by MacHamer)
12 Noah: A Biography by Emil Hoodwink (drawing by James Trembath)
14 Goldilocks gets her Bearings by John Erksome (drawings by Frank Hanley)
16 No Man's Land by Sergeant Shuttleworth (drawing by James Trembath)
17 The Fifty-Fifties by Stanford Tousey
18 Henry Hack: How I found the President of the U.S.A. as told in an authorized interview to Richard J. Walsh (drawings by Weed)
20 The Skull: A Theatre Review by George Jean Nathan (drawing by Tousey)
21 Laugh Is Like That! by Rube Goldbrick (written and drawn by Dr. Seuss)
22 The Talking Movies by Pare Lorentz (drawing by G.B. Inwood)
23 Beautiful America (ad parody; drawings by R.B. Fuller)
24 The Cheer Leaders (college humor)
25 How Good Is Your Bridge Game? by Sidney S. Lenz
26 Parking cartoon from Passing Show
27 (real ad for Dentyne); fish story cartoon from Passing Show (drawing by Thompson)
28 Napoleon cartoon by Passing Show; violinist cartoon from Everybody's Weekly
29 Asylum cartoon from Passing Show
30 Crossword Puzzle
31 Kid fight cartoon from Passing Show; Funnybones (reader humor)
32 Judge's Fifty-Fifty Contest; Krazy Kracks
Inside Back Cover: Judge subscription ad (drawing by Dr. Seuss)
Back Cover: (real ad for Life Savers)