Cosmopolitan (S. Eric Rayman) - Harvard Lampoon - 1972 - 102 pages

While Lampoon alumni Kenney and Beard were taking humor to a new level with National Lampoon, the remainders at Harvard created this drivel.  If the real Cosmopolitan was half as bad as this parody, they would never sell another issue.  It is hard to find anything good or clever in the Lampoon tradition here.  And, there are three very long texts of "fiction" toward the end that seem only to exist to fill pages that most people will not read.  At one point in the Norman Mailer parody ("The Poisoner of Sex"), the writer quotes from a telephone book and uses many more stretching techniques to fill pages with mostly meaningless words.  This work of "parody" proves again that eastern college men have no business commenting on the contents of a women's magazine.  [JAM 5/27/2017]

Front Cover - Cross-Eyed Model
2  Index
4  Step into My Parlor by "Helen 'Rap' Brown"; List of Contributors
6  Cosmo Goes to the Movies by "Liz Cyst"
8  Cosmo Listens to Records by "Nat Hemlock"
10 Cosmo Reads the New Books by "Mary Ellis Island"
12 November Horoscope by "Adam Bad"
16 Speakeasy by Ralph Nader (not really); donkey cartoon by "D*n Oreh*k"
18 Cosmo's Cook-Ahead Breakfast in Bed by "Malheur Du Matin"
22 Cosmo Tells All by " Barbara and Morituro and Karen Squish"
26 Thw Travel Bug by "Roberta Ashtray"
28 Analyst's Couch by "Thomas Lunch"
30 Dieter's Notebook by "Joan Thudd"
32 Beauty Bar: Slimbering Up Those Lazy Muscles by "Perry Stalsis"
36 With Love ... by "Red McKuen"
41 Barbi Speaks Out: She's More Than Just a Kewpie Doll
44 Games Sensuous Lovers Play by "C. Lutwidge Dodgson"
49 Oh, Henry
56 Chains and Needles by "Sue Kiaki"
58 The Myth of the Male Orgasm by "Elmer Green"
62 The Poisoner of Sex by "N*rm*n Ma*ler"
65 Workaday Whirl by "Nancy Washday"
68 Fashion: The Empress' New Clothes by "Nancy Benson-Burner"
73 Novel Excerpt: Dial "I" for Information by "Mickey Spleen"
74 Restaurant cartoon by "J*seph Farr*s"
76 Blues: Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me by "Gnomy Woodchuck"
78 Get Back to the Sack by "Nan Compos-Mentis"
83 Fiction: The Curse of Wolfrunt Hall by "Daphne de Moralize"
92 Rock Eden (ad parody)
98 Grunts by "Verbena Mushkin"
99 Coming in December
101 Dear Cosmopolitan (letters)
Back Cover - Dodge (real ad)