Comics Journal #225 (Gary Groth) - July 2000

In the first issue of its 33rd year, Comics Journal paid tribute to the (then) 58 years of Mad.  The cover is by veteran Mad artist, Frank Kelly Freas (1922-2005) showing Alfred E. Neuman on the moon with a green alien.  Freas drew 30 classic Mad covers from 1958 to 1972.  The cover also has Kurtzman-like characters in the "Journal" logo that disappeared from Mad in 1965.

Other Mad features parodied were the departments page including a quote, letters page with bomb in mailbox and termites at the base, a disgusting parody of Dave Berg, and an Al Jaffee-like "Fold-In Rip Off" drawn by John Kerschbaum.  The best parts of the magazine are the interviews with Mad old-timers Al Jaffee, Jack Davis and editor Albert Feldstein, and the excellent history lesson by R.C. Harvey ("MADly").  Mr. Harvey rightly credits Harvey Kurtzman for the creation of the Mad format.  [JAM 1/31/2010]

What's News
Judging Others Harshly
Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions - Al Jaffee
Keeping Mum - Jack Davis
Man Behind the Curtain - Al Feldstein
A Look at Our Competition
From One Harvey to Another - Mad History
Y2K Debuggers
Subs And Small Print
Ingrates, All of Us Ingrates
Apologies to Al Jaffee - Fold-In (Comic Book)