Cigar Asphyxianado (Eric Spitznagel) - Warner Books - 1998 - 64 pages

Cigar Aficianado is a bi-monthly "lifestyle" magazine that was created by Marvin R. Shanken in 1992.  I have never actually read a page of the real "CA" but I suppose the appreciation of it rests mainly with smokers.  The best parts of this parody are the title (clever) and the cover (fake Fidel).  Otherwise, it is 64 pages of mostly bad cigar jokes.  Editor, writer and model Spitznagel is also a columnist for New York Times Magazine and has written many other books including The Junk Food Companion.  The book is organized in an easy-to-read format with extra-large letters and double-spacing on every page.  That is a good thing since there were already too many pages about cigars in it for me.  I bought this book new in 1998 and did not open it until yesterday.  The book title is a clever juxtaposition of Mr. Shanken's magazine title and, it's all downhill after that.  [JAM 5/30/2017]

Front Cover - Fidel Castro (not really)
3  Who Is the Cigar Asphyxianado? by "Marty R. Scanken" (editorial)
4  Contents
6  Outta the Humidor (letters)
8  Cigars 101: How to Smoke a Cigar Without Looking Like an Idiot
13 Rich Bastard Cigars (ad parody)
14 A Comic and His Exploding Cigars: The Comedy Genius of Buzzy Klein
18 Romantico Cigars (ad parody)
19 Blind Tasting (reviews)
21 Don't Believe the Hype: A Doctor Examines the Dubious Link Between Cigars and Bad Health by "Jamie Veiss, M.D. (drawings by George Eckart)
23 Asston Cigars (ad parody)
24 A Cigar Star is Born: Jack Willison Smokes His Way Back Into the Hollywood Limelight
29 Hoyo de Motor City Cigars (ad parody)
30 My Weekend in the Holy Land by "Marty Scanken"
38 Size Does Matter: Hoyo de Monta Cigars
40 Chicks with Sticks: A New Generation of Cigar-Smoking Women Declare Their Respiratory Independence
49 So You Want to Buy a Private Island (lifestyles) - drawings by George Eckart
52 Gesta Rey Cigars (ad parody)
53 It's My Party and I'll Smoke if I Want to!: Behind the Scenes at the Big Stogie VII
59 The Cigar Expert (advice) by "Alfonso Nitti"
61 El Martinezo Cigars (ad parody)
62 Coughing Her Way to Olympic Glory by "Bela Karolini" (great moments)
64 Credits
Back Cover - Testimonial by "Marty R. Scanken"