Chunklet Mad #14 (Henry H. Owings) - Chunklet Magazine - Fall 1998 - 4 pages

Chunklet is a "punk fanzine" that has been published 20 times from 1993 to 2008.  The themed magazines are published on "no particular schedule".  Number 20 was probably the last issue.  Number 14 is supposed to be a "parody" of Mad Magazine but the effort ends on page five of a rock fan thing that rambles over 66 numbered pages.  The cover shows Alfred E. Neuman in a suit and tie holding something called an "Indie Cred Card".  Ted Rall's "Domo Spy vs Pomo Spy" fills page three which is the first internal page.  Page four is an advertisement for "The Mad Knockout Fall 1998 Super Special".  And, half of page five is a table of contents designed in a half-hearted "Mad-style Departments" page.  The only other part that looks anything like Mad is the back-cover "Ridiculous Fold-In" that is really an ad for a "Servotron" album (Robots are coming to end the human race).  The buyer should be aware that Chunklet #14 is a very poor attempt to use Mad to sell punk.  [JAM 6/18/2017]

Front Cover - Alfred E. Neuman (Chris Bilheimer)
3  Joke And Dagger Dept. Part 1 Sub-Chapter 4 Paragraph 13 - Domo Spy vs Pomo Spy (Ted Rall)
4  Ad for Chunklet (Fall 1998 Super Special)
5  Departments
Back Cover - Fold-In (ad for Servotron)