Chappie (Dick Driscoll) - Stanford Chaparral - May 1945 - 40 pages

Chappie * "The Magazine for Men" is an authorized parody of Esquire magazine.  The cover shows "Esky" reaching out from a picture frame to the Chappie jester who has used "grease paint" and "nose putty" so he can look just like Esky.  Over the years, the humorists at Stanford University have produced several great magazine parodies.  This was not one of them. [JAM 8/24/2009]

Front Cover - Esky looking at himself in the mirror
1  Contents
2  Backstage with Chappie
3  Talking Shop with Chappie
5  Painting the Town with Chappie
6  The Sound and the Fury (letters)
7  Lead Culvert (ad parody)
9  Good-bye Little Pal, Hoy! by Virginia Burks (drawing by Wheat)
10 I Was a Gorilla Fighter by Sontag Shinbunny (jousting cartoon by Dunbar)
11 The Warga Girl (painting by Pierce; verse by Izzie Stackt)
12 Cartoons by Dunbar, Wheat, Myram & Goog
13 Fables at the Farm by The Old Boy; cartoon by Breer
14 First Nights and Passing Judgements by Cyclone Covey; cartoon by Dunbar
15 Hillbilly cartoon by Fayram & Driss
16 The "Mary Alice" Comes Home by Dick Driscoll
17 Painting by Arthur Lites
18 Schoolroom cartoon by Breer & Gug
19 Petticoat Parade by Stub Stollery; Stanford Beauties - Lagunita Style: The Face and Fortune of Barbara Gray (pictorial)
22 The Rhythm Section by Barney Gugel; Over the Clef
23 There Once Was a Man by Doug Hastings (drawing by RAF)
24 Coke cartoon by Rieser
25 The Current Flicks by Barney Gugel & Bob Breer; Judo cartoon by Dunbar
26 At Last (drawing by JFG)
27 No Pasaran by Rene Zentner; Camel cartoon by Breer & Drisc
28 Veteran's Return (fashion)
29 Chappie on the Record by Juanita Smith and Bee Bowman
30 Army/Hitler cartoon by Drisc
31 Chappie Going the Rounds (jokes); dating cartoon by JFG
35 Dog cartoon by Miller
Back Cover - Chesterfield cigarettes (real ad)