Captive American (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

On the front, our hero (parody of Captain America) is throwing a tantrum because they won't let him join the "Jester's League of America."

Page 2 - with a heart on his chest and claiming to have "stopped World War II  ... halted organized crime ... (and) put those 8 great tomatoes in that itty bitty can ..." Captive America is hounded by autograph seekers.

Page 3 - his shield is now a dart board as C.A. signs an autograph for a young boy who bet his brother that "you can't even write your name."

Page 4 - the red-white-and-blue superhero (with hammer-and-sickle on his chest) is swinging a small Batman figure as he spies an "old foe trying to steal the Statue of Liberty." The young boy advises him to "punch him in the mouth, kick him in the shins and run!" as the hero punches another autograph seeker.  Shield is a trash can cover.

Page 5 - letters on the hero's mask have changed from "C" to "G" to "E" to "K".  Pages 2-5 spell "GEEK".   Batman hits the wall in the background as the superhero tells the evil-doer to halt.  Foe is carrying the base of the statue and his left shoe is stuck in bubble gum.

Page 6 - Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic watch from a mailbox as Captive American punches his foe and the police arrive with the autograph seeker who was punched on page 4.

Page 7 - the hero is served with a subpoena for "cutting up 239 American flags to make that crazy suit."  The foe (Dread Skull) escapes with the statue which he plans to put next to his Egyptian Pyramid.  The small wings on the mask of C.A. are now bat wings.  His shield is now the "Blue Shield" cross. 

Page 8 - ad for "Polaris Nuclear Sub - Fires Real Rockets - $698.00."  The ad copy tells the reader to "be the last kid on your block!" 

This is another classic parody by Wally Wood, the greatest comic artist of all time.  Mr. Wood added his signature visual humor to the words of writer Thomas. [JAM 12/1/2009]