Bored of the Rings (Henry Beard/Douglas Kenney) - Harvard Lampoon - 1969 (160 pages)

In 1968-1969, the editors of Harvard Lampoon, issued three great parodies: Life, Time and their classic spoof of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.  They graduated from Harvard and immediately started publishing the National Lampoon in 1970, the greatest "adult" humor magazine of our time (with apologies to Mad).

Four boggies: Frito, Spam, Pepsi and Moxie begin a grand adventure to toss the fabled "Ring" into the Zazu Pits to thwart the evil intentions of Mr. Sorhed of Fordor.  Along the way, they eat magic mushrooms with Tim Benzedrine, battle Nozdruls with Stomper (aka Arrowroot of Arrowshirt) and defeat a myriad of creatures such as the Thesarus, the Villanova ballhog and the roller-skating dragon.  Assisted by dwarves (Gimlet of Geritol), elves (Legolam, Cellophane, Lavalier, Velveeta, Noxzema, Novocaine and Ovaltine), a wizard (Goodgulf), the Riders of Roi-Tan and warlike vegetables, the boggies overcome unspeakable obstacles to achieve their quest.  Beard and Kenney pack every page with joke after joke to make this parody the one by which all others are measured. [JAM 4/26/2009]