The Bantam (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

This is a parody of The Phantom comic strip by Lee Falk (1911-1999).

The front page finds our hero in the grip of Tarzan (Tarsam?) with a knife to his neck as the chimpanzee stomps on The Bantam's dog.  Tarsam tells Bantam to stay out of his jungle.

Page 2 - "Chief Bugaboo" comes running to warn The Bantam that white hunters are invading the jungle.  One of the natives has a "METS" banner.

Page 3 - The Bantam leaps from his chair and snags his right sleeve causing it to unravel.  Little Orphan Annie asks a lion: "Is this the way to Oz?"  One of the natives has a broom instead of a spear.

Page 4 - The Bantam calls for his "army of horrible-looking pygmies" to drive out the white hunters while he starts a fire with his magnifying glass.  Smokey Bear is in the background.  The Bantam's suit is still unraveling.  One of the pygmies has a drum labeled "RINGO."

Page 5 - As his suit is almost completely unraveled, The Bantam is told by a pygmy leader that they have lured him to get rid of him because of his high rate of taxation.  Spears are a plunger, an axe and a "ONE WAY" sign.  Smokey runs away as the fire rages.

Page 6 - The natives realize that there is no "ghost who walks" and that The Bantam was wearing an inflatable suit as they try to jump on him.  Signs warn about "QUICK SAND" and "SLOW SAND."

Page 7 - The natives run away as the empty suit reveals that Casper, The Friendly Ghost was inside it.  Casper says that he just wears the suit so somebody will play with him.  Tarzan/Tarsam is in the foreground watching the events.

Page 8 - Back page is an ad parody for "GI Melvin."  Beetle Bailey with heavy beard, flies, cigar and hole-in-shoe is the GI model.  Ad copy promises "21 movable parts" and "real bad breath" but then reminds potential customer that this is "an action DOLL" and "Yicch! You should be ashamed - a boy playing with toy dolls!"