Badman (Roy Thomas/Wally Wood) - Topps Krazy Little Comics 1967 (8 pages - 2.5" x 3.5")

Is Badman a book?  In 1967, Topps Chewing Gum Company tested these tiny comics as inserts in their five-cent packages of Bazooka gum.  There were sixteen comic book parodies (Blunder Woman, The Bantam, Mandrain, The Flush, Fantastic Fear, Prince Violet, Sub-Marine Man, Captive American, The Meekly Thaw, The Incredible Hunk, Stuporman, Tarsam, Amusing Spider-Guy, Jesters League of America, The Lone Rancher and Badman) illustrated by Mad-artist Wally Wood.  The most popular web definition of "book" is: "a written work or composition that has been published."  Yes, it is a book.  Krazy Little Comics are very rare and are currently selling for $150 each.

Badman and Ribbon, driving an Edsel that has been to Carlsbad Caverns, defeat arch-enemies Pelican, Jokester and Catty Woman while ignoring a call to stop a boring burglary in-progress.  When they get home, butler Alvin informs them that the burglary was at the Luce Brain Manor.  The boys are now broke and are sharing a bicycle.  The brilliance of Wally Wood makes these classic comic parodies worth their weight in gold. [JAM 2/7/2009]