Bad (anonymous) - Esquire August 1964 - 5 pages

This is a very short parody of Mad magazine that appeared without writing credit in Esquire magazine.  The color cover drawing shows the big-footed Bad mascot with a foot in a bucket and a finger in the nose.  The cover drawing is signed by "Hampton."  The parody starts with the letters page that really has little to do with the subject of the parody.  The other three pages are each one-page departments regarding a movie, a classroom and "real" problems.  The third and fourth pages are populated by mediocre caricatures of various celebrities including Orphan Annie, Peter Lorre, Liberace, Harpo Marx, Charles DeGaulle, Moshe Dayan, Tom Dewey, Ben Turpin, Oliver Hardy, Edward G. Robinson, Frankenstein's monster, Nikita Khrushchev, W.C. Fields and Dennis the Menace.  There may be others but I cannot see them.  Esquire does not offer any explanation of the purpose of the parody.  Its benign and brief comments appear below the photographed and apparently unedited content that was delivered to Esquire from an unknown source.  I doubt that anyone would think that Mad was in competition with Esquire in 1964.  This is the type of drivel that I would expect to see in Cracked or one of the other copiers of Mad.  Printed in Esquire, it seems to be just a page filler that was little noticed by its readers.  If anyone knows who produced this and why, please send me a note. [JAM 5/23/2011]