75 Year of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking (Paul Levitz) - Taschen GmbH - 2017 - 721 pages

This ten-pound volume is a comprehension history of comic books with a focus on the DC/National/Donenfield titles; many of which are still active today.  The book belongs in the library of every serious comic book fan.  In addition to the history of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and other DC superheroes, author Levitz gives due credit to EC/MAD, Timely/Marvel, Fawcett, Charlton, Harvey, Dell, Disney and other publishers who contributed to the rich history of the comics.  The art reproduction here is of the highest quality with many rarely-seen drafts and photographs.  This is truly a massive work of art.  I read the Silver Age of DC comics as a preteen and through high school.  Although the comics business had many highs and lows, the great artists, writers, editors and publishers always found a way to reinvent the media for the next generation.  Congratulations are due to Paul Levitz and his cohorts for this impressive accomplishment.  [JAM 1/12/2021]