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This website was created in 2009 using ancient software called Microsoft Expression Web.  It worked fine for 13 years until some cyber authority decided that the twelve home page links (Book Reviews, History, Humor, Letters, Movie Reviews, Opinions, Other Reviews, Snacks, Sports, Store, What's New?, Mad) were "Forbidden" because they did not have a "proper index file" - whatever that is.  Those links contain hundreds of individual pages that are now floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

As a temporary solution, the old home page is being replaced by these words/instructions explaining how to find any of those pages if you know the exact name of the file.

For example, if you want to see my notes on a particular issue of MAD, put the issue number here:

www.mindsnackbooks.com/mad/mad_550.html   (make sure that the underscore symbol replaces any spaces in a book title)

If you want to see what was going on in my world in a particular year, put the year here:


Some of my longer studies are shown in Humor, Snacks or Book Reviews like these:




I am going to try to get those links to work again.  My current website hosting service (?) - godaddy has told me that I need to hire a high-priced "developer" to do this.  That may never happen.  But I will try to get a list of individual titles into a usable form.  Jerry Moore 4/21/2022


Book Reviews                                                                 Humor
*************                                                                ******
Ackroyd                                                                          Dave Barry [new - Swamp Story (2023)]
Al Jaffees Mad Life                                                        Ernie Kovacs [new - Ernie in Kovacsland 2023]             Jay Ward [new - 2022]  Jean Shepherd [new - 2022]
Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho                   Kurtzman and Elder [new - Comics Journal #81]
Alices Adventures in Cambridge                                    Lohman and Barkley [new - 9/19/70 show]
All the Songs                                                                   Mel Brooks [new - History of the World Part 2]
Alligator                                                                          Monty Python
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life                           Saturday Night Live [new - Hello, Molly! (2022); Jack Davis drawing (1978)]
American Conspiracies                                                    Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Area X                                                                              Steve Allen       Steven Wright [new - 2023]
Asti Spumante Code                                                        Tim Conway [new -2022]
Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1                        Wallace Wood
Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 2                        Weird Al Yankovic
Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 3                        Woody Allen [new - Zero Gravity & Rifkin's Festival (2022)]
Backing into Forward                                                    Mad (misc.)
Bad                                                                                 **********
Barf Mad                                                                        Mad Contributors
Beatles Get Back                                                            Mad Covers
Becoming                                                                        Mad Foldins
Bijou Mad                                                                        Mad Inside
Bill the Galactic Hero                                                    Mad Issue Names
Book of Bad Futures                                                        Mad Mascot Study
Bored of the Rings                                                            Mad Panic Fanzine
Bossypants                                                                        Mad When Harvey and Will Returned
Boxes the Secret Life of Howard Hughes                        Madcomic
Bring Uo the Bodies                                                          Madde 
Bushwhacked                                                                    Madmagazine
Canticle for Leibowitz                                                    Madness Journal
Carlin Home Companion                                                Sunday Comic Section
Catch22                                                                            TV Guise
Chappie                                                                            TV Guise Fall Preview
Chunklet Mad
Cigar Asphyxianado                                                        Snacks
College Parodies                                                            *******
Comics Journal 225                                                        Class of 1964 RIP
Cosmoparody                                                                    Final Score
Cosmopolitan Harvard Lampoon                                    List of Magazine Parodies
Countdown                                                                        Lornas Quilts
Crash of 2016                                                                    Moms Art
Da Vinci Barcode                                                          Norwalk High School 
Da Vinci Cod                                                                    Quotations
Da Vinci Mole                                                                    Recipes
Daditude                                                                                ttt
David Sedaris (all titles)
Death in Vienna
Dick Cheney Code
Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency
Divinity of Doubt
Dodge City
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
Entertain Me Weakly
Entertainment Weekly Harvard Lampoon
Esqueer 1951
Esqueer 1955
Fantastic Fictioneers
Ferrari in the Bedroom
Forbes Harvard Lampoon
Futile and Stupid Gesture
Game of Thrones
Giant of the Senate
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Girl with the Sturgeon Tattoo
Going Too Far
Good Days and Mad
Goodman Beaver
Gore Vidal (all titles) [new - Burr, Myron & Matters of Fact and of Fiction, 1876, Kalki (2022); Creation (2023); Views from a Window (2023); Duluth (2023); The Second American Revolution (2023); Lincoln (2023)]
Great Comic Book Heroes
Green Collar Economy
Harvard Lampoon 1994
Harvard Lampoon Mademoiselle Connection
Harvey Kurtzman
Here Comes Trouble
Hey Look
Hogans Alley (all issues)
House of Niccolo
Hunger Pains
Ian Fleming
Ill Mature When I Die
In His Own Write
Inside Comedy (NEW)
Is Martha Stuart Living
Is This Anything
Its Always Something
Jasper Fforde (all titles) - [NEW Lost in a Good Book (2023)]
Joseph Heller (all titles)
Judge Ladies Home Journal
Krazy Little Comics
Kurt Vonnegut (all titles)
Ladies Home Journal Number
Ladies Home Joyful
Lampys Home Journal
Last Empire
Last Gunfight
Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
Last Kind Words Saloon
Last Words
Lavender in Your Lemonade
Legacy of Secrecy
Liberty Lampoon
Liberty Number
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Lies My Teacher Told Me
Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
Life Harvard Lampoon
Liff Yale
Lincoln Highway
Lincolns Boys
Literary Digest Lampoon
Live Right and Find Happiness
Long Dark Teatime of the Soul
Look Widow
Lost Symbol
Mad Roctober

Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece [new - 2023]
Martha Stuarts Better than You at Entertaining
Martha Stuarts Excruciatingly Perfect Weddings
Masterful Marks
Maudlin Screen
Mirror and the Light
Modern Spleen
Murder in Memphis
National Geographic Harvard Lampoon
National Lampoon April 1970
National Lampoon January 1995
National Lampoon Parodies 1970
National Lampoon Parodies 1971
National Lampoon Parodies 1972
National Lampoon Parodies 1973
National Lampoon Parodies 1974
National Lamprune
Neal Stephenson (all titles)
New Forker
New Yakker
New yawker
New Yoiker
New Yorker Lampoon
Newsweek 1947
Newsweek 1982
Noo Yawker
Not Brand Ecch
Not Quite TV Guide
Nothing in Moderation
Object of Beauty
Perody People
Parody Penthouse
People Parody
Peoples History of the United States
Planet Funny
Play Boy 1957
Playboy Harvard Lampoon
Playboy Penn State Froth
Playboy the Parody
Playgirl 1955
Playgirl 1956
Popular Mechanics Number
Promised Land
Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder
Pseudo Scientific American
Punch Goes Playboy
Qua Brot
Readers Digress
Readers Dijest
Readers Indigestion
Ready Player One
Real Frank Zappa
Roadkill of Middle Earth
Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot
Saint Leibowitz
Salmon of Doubt
Sarah Vowell (all titles)
Saturday Evening Lost
Saturday Evening Most
Saturday Evening Pest 1950
Saturday Evening Pest 1957
Saturday Evening Pile
Seeing Mad
Sincerest Form of Parody
Sir Brown
Sky Maul
So Anyway
Someday Funnies
Sometimes a Great Notion
Sports Frustrated
Sports Illiterate
Sports Illstated
Sports Illustrated Harvard Lampoon
Sports Imitated
Squa Tront
Star Bores
Starship Titanic
Start to Finish Woody Allen and the Art of Moviemaking
Stick to Drawing
Story of Stuff
Tabloid Number
Talking to Strangers
These Truths
Three-Body Problem (new: 2022)
Three Ten to Yuma
Time 1965
Time 1969
Time 1989
Time and a Half for Overtime
Time Widow
Treks Not Taken
True Believer
True Conceptions
True Grit
Trump  (1957 magazine)
TV Guise
Tyme 1947
Tyme 1968
Uganda Be Kidding Me
Unanswered Letters to the President
Uncle Shelbys Circus
War Is a Lie
Watergate the Hidden History
We Are What We Pretend To Be
Wednesday Morning Pile
Wolf Hall
World Until Yesterday
Yossarian Slept Here
75 Years of DC Comics
Emily St. John Mandel [new - Station Eleven (2022); Sea Of Tranquility (2023)]
Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Life [Paul Newman (2022)]